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General Information (2)

Part of the job of being commissioner is being available for people. There are a variety of ways to get in touch with me or my office.

By Email (preferred)

You can send email to

There are other ways listed below to get in touch with me, but email is the most reliable method of insuring you get a response. I work in the IT field and probably get between 100-300 text messages a day, so I gave up long ago trying to be responsive to every text message that comes in every day. Email is something I flag for later follow-up and I check it often, so even if I don’t respond immediately it will be sitting there for me to remember until I get a moment to respond to you directly.

Via Social Media

You can reach the campaign Facebook page at
Note: If you already have my personal Facebook page added as a friend, please do not send commissioner-related messages to my personal account. They likely won’t get a response because I don’t often check my personal messages on Facebook. I check my commissioner account at least daily and usually several times per day.

By Phone:

You can reach me by phone at 252-258-0435. That’s my mobile number. You can call or send a text message.
Note: I get a lot of texts in a regular day even before I was commissioner, so if it is an important issue – please send an email. 

By Postal Mail:

Please send mail to:

Tommy Jordan, Commissioner
30404 Dogwatch Trl
Albemarle, NC 28001

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We are blessed in Stanly County to have a team of professionals that do a pretty good job of making information publicly available in a timely manner. If you want to know more about the Board of Commissioners as a whole, or contact someone from the board in specific, you can find all the information on the Stanly County Government’s Board of Commissioners page.

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Social Media (1)

Setting the expectation for harassment on Social Media

I might as well go ahead and clarify something this from the beginning, since I KNOW it will become an issue at some point in the future anyway. I’m a county commissioner-elect (meaning I’m not ANYTHING until December 2018 anyway) but my point is – I won’t be a sitting Senator, Governor, Emperor, or the President of Tommy’s Island Paradise Bar and Grill.

Some people don’t know this, so I’ll lay it out clearly up front to avoid the appearance of indecision later on. There is absolutely zero first amendment right to be “heard” on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform. There is no freedom of speech there. Nor do I believe there should be. If you want to talk about that – that’s a great discussion topic actually – feel free to bring it up some time and we can debate it all day long.

If you know me, you’ll know I encourage and love a good debate. That doesn’t mean I have to tolerate abuse on my own social media accounts. The clarification for what I consider to be abuse might be dependent on my mood to be honest – but you can safely bet it includes cursing at me, cursing out others in the comment stream, and/or simply badgering a question to death simply because you don’t like the answer. If I feel like I’ve answered a question to the best of my ability, and someone insists on continually badgering it to death, I will block them from accessing the page.

I’ve had six years of practice dealing with trolls. I’m an old hand at it now. I’ve learned to simply ban-hammer them and move on. Like most people in today’s busy world, all our time is valuable and I’m not required to spend mine arguing with people that want to troll the social media pages.

I will absolutely NOT ban someone for simply disagreeing with me. To do my job effectively, I NEED that input from the public. I NEED you to ask tough policy questions to help myself and the rest of us know what is important to you and how you feel on certain policy decisions. I just want to be clear that I don’t want to deal with whining about “Tommy Jordan kicked me off his page for calling him a _________” because that’s pretty much exactly what will happen.

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