Knowing where your candidate stands on the issues important to you should be the single most important factor when deciding how to cast your vote. I can’t promise to fix every single thing that is wrong with our country, our state, or even our county. But I can promise to work hard to fix the issues I know about and have a reasonable ability to affect change in.

I can further promise to be transparent in my views on those issues, even if they aren’t always in agreement with others in government. No one will agree with me on one-hundred-percent of the issues. That’s just not possible. But you won’t be left wondering where I stand on a topic of importance to our county.

If you have an issue you’d like to know more about, use the form below to inform our committee about it. If we receive the same issue from a multitude of people, we will post it here on the website so voters will know about it and know where your candidate stands on that issue.

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