Tommy Jordan, Stanly County Commissioner

My name is Tommy Jordan and I have had the pleasure of serving Stanly County as County Commissioner from 2018 to the end of 2022. I served two years as a commissioners, my third year as Vice-Chairman, and my fourth year with the honor of serving as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. I can say it has been an awesome honor to have served Stanly County for the time I have.

My role as commissioner will come to an end in December of 2022. I can honestly say I ran for re-election with the hope of winning, but as soon as it became apparent that I would instead be retiring in December, I honestly felt a little bit of relief. This job is amazing, but doing it right and doing it well and most importantly giving it the time it honestly requires is HARD and it’s time-consuming and its stressful. I think I’m going to really enjoy having some time off for a bit to focus on work, family, and being able to have some free time.

I’m not going away, not going to disappear, and will still be active in politics – just as a taxpayer like the rest of you out there, but the knowledge gained from serving never goes away. I’ll have a unique perspective that few people out there can truly appreciate.

If you’re looking for your commissioners, please know that all seven commissioners serve every individual of Stanly County, not just the district they live in. You can find them all listed on the county web site. But, if you’re searching out the specific commissioner for District 3, that role will soon be filled by Mr. Brandon King, another Stanly County business owner that has decided he’s ready for the challenge of being a Stanly County Commissioner. I wish Brandon the best and you can find his website here if you’d like more information about how to reach him directly.