I thought long and hard when selecting this domain name, and designing the website about how it would be used long term. After all, if it’s titled “electtommyjordan.org” what in the heck do you do after you get elected, Tommy?

I’m going to choose to be a glass-half-full kind of guy throughout this campaign and assume that I will indeed win your vote. If I do, from that very moment on, the campaign to Elect Tommy Jordan starts all over again, except this next time it will take four years rather than two months for you to decide on who your candidate will be. Reflecting on that, I think electtommyjordan.org is appropriate – because I’ll be working for you and working for re-election from the moment I take office. If I make good, honest decisions that reflect well on Stanly County, I’ll be re-elected again next time. If instead I make poor decisions that don’t benefit the county, I don’t much suppose I’ll have the opportunity to serve you twice.

I have one rather unfair advantage over some others in Stanly County government. I’m a technology guy. That’s what I do. Computer systems, networks, websites, marketing, email, and all the other wonderful technologies are my professional playground.  It’s a great career to have in today’s modern political world, but maybe not for the reason you think.

I’m choosing to utilize this website as a place to speak to people in my own words. Sure, I’ll have others that assist with the maintenance and marketing, but for the most part, it’s me – Tommy, behind the keyboard.

If I think something in Stanly County needs your attention, I can talk about it here, where I’m free to explain the issue in as much detail as I might think necessary. I don’t have to wait and hope you’ll read something about it in the SNAP or that someone else might Facebook it or Gram it for you to see. I can bring it to you. And more importantly, I can solicit your feedback right here! Facebook can’t censor the comments (though I will if they aren’t appropriate). No one can change my words around.

Media and the press can still take snippets to re-arrange to their desire, but you’ll have the source of the information right here at your fingertips.

If I have a stance on an issue that I think is important, I can share it with you. Most importantly I’ll be blunt, honest, and forthright in my reasons for voting the way I do and for championing the causes I believe in supporting. If you disagree, you’ll at least have the opportunity to fully understand my side and to share your own here on the website in the comments section.

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know why the website was here, how I plan to utilize it, and how you can interact with me as a representative, assuming of course that I do indeed win.

If I lose – that’s ok too… I’ll just create a meme of my opponent dancing the hamster dance and splash it on the homepage while I console myself with unhealthy amounts of pizza and coffee.

Immediate Job Opening: Campaign seeks designer fluent in memes… and who is old enough to remember what the hamster dance is…

Have a good day, yall!

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